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Re: Sorry to ask again but...


You don't want to mount directly to the scanner glass with fluid because there is the risk of it getting into the scanner.

Better to have someone cut you a piece of glass that will fit over the scanner glass, then install a frame on this glass of the size of your negative, and glue the frame to the glass. This eliminates the risk of the fluid getting into the scanner, plus you can remove it to clean away from the scanner itself.


Hello all,
The Aztec make of kami fluid prevents newton rings, so would this mean you could dispense with the anti-newton glass and mount straight to the glass scanner bed? Also, does the Epson 4990 (I think that was the model you were all talking about) focus on the film placed on the glass or does it need to suspended in a holder above the glass by some amount (I think the better scanning mf holders and the new v700 holders have height adjustment for focus calibration).

Just some thoughts