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Test (WAS: A request)

Test 123

> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Edwards [mailto:edw4@mindspring.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 2:54 PM
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> Subject: A request
> Thanks, Etienne  - I have now tweaked everything I could find 
> in the SpamArrest setup, and hopefully this will stop the pain.
> Strangely, your message was flagged as a probable email forgery!
> Big type follows, don't be alarmed....
> I paid for their service, and it should be adaptable......
> I do have an address "in the open" where I can receive this 
> list, if my filter just won't adapt.
> Thanks for your understanding - I really did not know this 
> had been a continuing problem.
> And Judy, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
>     - Just Old John
> John wrote:
> > I have placed this list on "approved" status, which I 
> sincerely hope 
> > will solve the problem.
> It may or may not.
> The list server leaves the original "From:" header (showing 
> the original poster's address) on distributed messages and 
> adds a "Reply-to:" header (showing the list-post address).  I 
> assume it deletes any "Reply-to"
> headers present on the incoming message from the distributed 
> messages, but do not know for sure.
> SpamArrest appears to key on the first "From:" header it 
> encounters (rather than the "Reply-to:" header or any other 
> "From:" headers that are present), at least to address its 
> return message to blocked senders -- that is why individual 
> posters are receiving the SpamArrest messages.  If SpamArrest 
> is using the "From:" header to identify senders to block, as 
> well, you will have to approve every list member 
> individually.  You need to make SpamArrest key on the 
> "Reply-to:" or "List-Id:" header to approve all list messages 
> as a class.
> Best regards,
> etienne

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