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Re: palladium bleeding once again

I pulled from the middle of the pack. I bought a 50 sheet supply, and it seems they are packaged by Daniel Smith in their own proprietary wrap. Do you think that might make a difference?

Well, if you "hang" instead of "lay" paper in a box, then that might be a lot easier for me to rig up--if I can find a cabinet and just hang clothesline in there that'd be a lot easier than making frames with screening and a support system. Good idea...
ps water heater is fixed, after the third visit from a plumber, and baby didn't come in the middle of the night so I got a good sleep! Back to printing.

Chris, I prefer a line with PLASTIC cloths pins to a rack system. I have a
drying box and a humidifying box. Each box has additional fans to circulate
the air. My humidifying box has a 2 1/2 gallon capacity humidifier with a
three speed fan and a rheostat to adjust the RH. There is a big difference
between completely air drying and those coatings using a hair dryer or
drying box. The goal is to get it into the paper while not allowing it to
get too deep.

Hope your water heater holds out! When we planned our daughter's arrival
into the world for a home birth, my wife used the tub many times.

Did you try sheets from the middle of the pack? Or from the top or bottom?

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