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RE: palladium bleeding once again

When you design/convert a cabinet to allow for you to hang your paper, make
sure that you still get adequate circulation to keep the paper evenly

I'll guess that you bought the 22x30 sheets then? I'll bet that they trim
down the bigger sheets in house. Do they include the Arches Lot #'s? I can
see it as a real problem to keep things tracked. You can guess the freshness
of the paper by the way the edges react to wetness. I have seen old test
pieces that I've used show blotchiness but I don't recall seeing the same on
new full sheets. I look for a uniform look to the wet paper. 

Also is the DS wrap acid free? Paper that is stored in many "plain brown
wrapping" can show burn if left in the wrapping too long. Pulling from the
middle would give the paper an RH of the packing facility more than likely,
at least until it has a chance to sit in your studio awhile. The
humidification of the paper before coating may be more a "what else do you
do" than an across the board solution. Helping the coating solution
penetrate the surface is what needs to happen, but how that is set in motion
is up to you; tween, humidify, everclear? And I'd suspect that each one will
require adjustments to soak in time before you start drying. 


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> I pulled from the middle of the pack.  I bought a 50 sheet supply, and it
> seems they are packaged by Daniel Smith in their own proprietary wrap.  Do
> you think that might make a difference?
> Well, if you "hang" instead of "lay" paper in a box, then that might be a
> lot easier for me to rig up--if I can find a cabinet and just hang
> clothesline in there that'd be a lot easier than making frames with
> screening and a support system. Good idea...
> Chris
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