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Platinotype woes

I'm about to start my senior thesis here at Montana State (pt/pd prints),
and just ordered $200 worth of Platinotype white from Bositck & Sullivan. 
They called me yesterday, and informed me that Cranes had a snafoo with
their machinery, and had to recall a bunch of paper.  B&S will be getting
a new batch next week to test.  If it's ok, they'll send it to me.  Now
that the intro's out of the way, here are my questions.

Chris just informed me that she's heard the white Platinotype doesn't work
very well, and the natural finish is the way to go.  Do the pd masters out
there agree or disagree?  Should I change my order before they send it
out?  I'm fairly indifferent about natural vs. white, as they both would
work for this series.

I've worked with Cot320, and really like it, but not Platinotype.  I
decided not to go with Cot320 primarily because it's twice as expensive,
and I'll be needing a lot of it (on a poor college student's budget).  Is
the Cot320 really worth the extra money?  Should I bit the bullet?

I think that's all for now, but I'll probably have more later.

Camden Hardy