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Re: Some Kallitype observations

Hi Rajul.

It sounds like printer roller marks to me.  You might try Googling that printer model and "roller marks" and see if the issue has been discussed on one of the printing forums, and, if so, what "fixes" have proven successful.

The problem you are reporting isn't the "venetian blind" issue that the R1800 solves.

I don't know if the driver for that printer has a feature to slow printing and allow the ink to dry longer before it hits the rollers.

The Epson 1270, with a dye based ink set, was the precursor to the 1280, also dye based.  However, the inks of the 1270 have much less density to them than the 1280.

Hope this helps,
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Mark Nelson
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In a message dated 9/3/06 10:52:45 AM, eyeear@telus.net writes:


I use the Epson 1270, and yes the bands are perpendicular to the
direction of the print head travel. The bands are about 0.1" width and
evenly spaced. They are slightly visible in the negative but print out
with precision on the coated paper. I would happily move to the R1800
if I am sure it is available and am assured it would not present this

When I first noticed this with my Pt/Pds, Pictorico advised me to set
the paper setting on Photo Quality Glossy Film in the 1270 dialog box.
I do not recall now if that helped substantially but the problem seemed
to disappear spontaneously.

If you should hear from Epson or Pictorico on how to work around this
problem, please post on the list.

Thank you for your response.