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Re: Platinotype woes and now papers for pt/pd

Dick bought a huge amount of this paper a number of years ago so that he could finish his editions.  I doubt that he is buying new Cranes—all his new work is with digital negatives, so he is using COT 320 for that.

Cranes Platinotype does not have near the wet strength as COT 320, which is my preference.  Also, COT 320 drys pretty flat on a screen and Cranes doesn't.

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In a message dated 9/3/06 11:23:34 AM, camden@hardyphotography.net writes:

I saw some beautiful Dick Arentz prints on platinotype natural at the
workshops, and there was also a student making nice prints on it.  So it
would seem that Crane has fixed whatever the problem was, or stopped
making the bad stuff.