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Re: resolving banding problems


Actually it was not my suggestion. Rajul was referring to some old post
about "Epson 1270 roller marks" that was written by ... you, as it seems. I only suggested looking for another cleaner if he cannot find Windolene where he lives.

But this said, yes, sometimes the printer gets real dirty, for example when a sheet fails to feed for some reason. I have a 1290, an A3 printer which is the European version of the 1270, I think. But the problems are the same.

Sometimes I wonder how these concoctions work at all...

Tom Sobota

Ender100@aol.com wrote:

On occasion, I have seen dirty rollers leave tracks and in some cases, if there was a heavy inkload that got on the rollers and didn't seem to dry, that would cause problems too, so your suggestion of cleaning the rollers is a good one in order to eliminate that possibility.

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Mark Nelson
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Here you can find a description of Windolene:

If you cannot find it in your country, perhaps you
will find some equivalent cleaner.

Tom Sobota