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On Sep 4, 2006, at 2:52 PM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

The language in the requirements is prompting one to think about and question norms and beliefs associated with photography as documentation (a subject near and dear to me personally). Being set in one's beliefs is fine, but stagnates learning, potential, and new ideas, which art and culture needs to move forward and thrive, IMO.

Besides, why on earth would we want to discourage people from posting any reputable Calls for Entry to the list?


Jon, I don't think anyone is discouraging anyone from posting a legitimate Call for Entry; Jon was simply commenting on the turgid prose it was couched in. It's a bit presumptuous to assume that just because someone finds such prose less than illuminating, that must mean he is set in his own beliefs, or that he must be wedded to photography as documentation. Jon's photographs speak for themselves against that misconception. (And just for the record, I am on record as opposing the hegemony of photography-as-documentation myself).

Katharine Thayer

Jonathan Bailey wrote:

Huh?!? It *sounds* like English....
Does photo discourse on most campuses resemble this?? If so, things are
worse than I'd feared. It's disturbing to think students might be able to
translate this babble. Or, write a paper about it.
But, hey - what do I know?!?
Tenants Harbor, Maine

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As Photography becomes redefined beyond its traditions of technical
definitions, its role as a transparent medium of documentation has
come increasingly into question. Documentation: Photography as
Witness calls for works that specifically question the nature of
visual documentation, including its definition, potentials, semiotic
systems, and social resonances in a Post-Modern world. The
exhibition will run from 9 February through 16 March, 2007, at the
University of Maine's Lord Hall Galleries. Please send up to twenty
images on CD or DVD to: Dr. Michael Grillo, 219 Lord Hall, Department
of Art, University of Maine, 04469-5743 by 15 November, 2006.