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RE: Some Kallitype observations

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  • Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 14:35:43 +0300
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Thanks for the reply. I added 1ml 20% ammonium dichromate to 1lt 20%
Sodium Citrate and the problem totally cured. I can get paper white with
my setup and also I got rid of the coating stain.

"...for every 100ml of sensitized paper processed..." I don't understand
this. You mean 100ml of coating solution? This makes around 50-60 prints
with my usual image size (8" x 12"). I was planning to replace 200ml of
used developer with 200ml fresh / dichromate added developer on every 6
print. What do you think about this replenishment scheme? Do you find it
too conservative and/or wasteful?


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I have the same problem getting paper white with kallitype unless a
little dichromate is added to the developer. For printing very long
scale negatives with DR of about 1.8 I generally add about 2ml of a 5%
potassium dichromate solution per liter of developer. This clears up the
slight stain and gets me to paper white very easily with most papers,
including COT 320 which is one of my favorite papers for kallitype.

Be sure to replenish the developer as you do in printing with Pt./Pd. I
had back about 50-100 ml of fresh solution, plus an appropriate amount
of dichromate, for every 100ml of sensitized paper processed.