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RE: Some Kallitype observations


Sorry, my head was somewhere else. What I meant to write was that I replenish the developer at the rate of about 50-100 ml of fresh sensitizer for about every 100 square inches of print surface that goes through it.

I keep a bottle of fresh developer on hand (without dichromate), and a small bottle of 5% dichromate. Since I use the dichromate at 2ml of the 5% solution per liter of developer, when I add 100 ml of fresh solution I also add 4 drops of the dichromate, assuming that 1ml is 20 drops. Hope this is clear.



"...for every 100ml of sensitized paper processed..." I don't understand
this. You mean 100ml of coating solution? This makes around 50-60 prints
with my usual image size (8" x 12"). I was planning to replace 200ml of
used developer with 200ml fresh / dichromate added developer on every 6
print. What do you think about this replenishment scheme? Do you find it
too conservative and/or wasteful?