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RE: Mixing ferric oxalate

FWIW, I mix my ferric oxalate (from B&S) like Kerik (no extra oxalic acid or
EDTA),  start to mix it in the evening, I stir well, put the solution into
the bottle, shake the bottle for 1 - 2 minutes every half hour (this
continues until I go to sleep; around 2 - 3 hours). When I control the
bottle in the morning, everyting is in solution with no precipitate /


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As Clay says, that's the amount to make 100 ml.

I've also had difficulty with recent batches taking one or more days to
fully dissolve. I just made a batch this week and left out the oxalic acid
and edta until after mixing the ferric and water for an hour or so. This
seemed to greatly speed up the dissolution process. It was completely
dissolved in one evening. It also seems to help to stir/shake for a minute
or 2, then let it sit for a while, rather than constant agitation



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> Dear list
> I'm mixing ferric oxalate solution from powder and it just isn't going 
> into solution. I used 27g ferric oxalate with 4.8g oxalic acid and 2g 
> EDTA (Na4).
> I used hot distilled water to 50ml. I've been stirring for
> 3/4 hour and I still have a yellow green opaque liquid and my hand is 
> about to fall off. Is it normal to take so long? Can I reheat a 
> little? Any tips/ideas?
> Thanks
> John.