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So good to hear from you. Your shoulder problems must be history by now.

Re. your question: I was impressed by Carmen's Kallis posted earlier this year. This happened at a time when I wanted very much to explore alt processes that I knew little about, and which would yield prints that revealed detail and were subtly colored .

The choice of toners was based on what has been reported by other Kallitypists. I tried to match the described outcomes with the subject matter. If a particular combo did not work, it was fairly easy to repeat using another toner.

Many thanks for your interest. And yes, I got a lot out of your SF workshop.

Best wishes, Rajul

On 12-Sep-06, at 2:14 PM, Dan Burkholder wrote:


Thanks muchly for sharing your work. It's always such a nice departure
from the text-based world of this list.

Question: Can you explain why you chose kallitype for those images. I'm
not cloaking any disagreement with your medium, it's just helpful to
some of us to hear why an artist weds a specific medium with certain
images. And same goes for your use of toners. What leads you to a
certain color/contrast decision?

Thanks again, and yes, I certainly remember you from the Santa Fe
Workshop years ago! Glad to see the photomontage is still one of your


Venkatram Iyer wrote on 9/12/06, 3:54 PM:

Hello list,

I have put some Kallis on my web page at

Feedback is welcome. TIA!!