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There are a lot of differences between inkjet inks. Like pigment and dye based inks and also some ink formulas contain glycol or other chemicals. It is very hard to say what inks will work with tri-color gum.

I once tried it with a gum/dichro mix and pigment based carbon black inkjet ink (MIS Archival Black from inksupply.com) and it was a complete disaster. The ink stained very much and left a grey rectangle were an image was expected. So it definitely needs more experimentation. Maybe the C M Y inks may stain less. But I have the impression that pigments in inkjet inks tend to attach very firmly, by themselves, to the (gelatin sized) paper surface. And that's what we don't want in gumprinting.

As I am working on my own carbon tissue now I have a question too. Has anyone tried pigmentbased inkjet inks for carbon tissue?

kees brandenburg
middelburg netherlands

On 13-sep-2006, at 1:48, Arcus, Paul wrote:

Out of curiousity has anyone used inkjet printer ink refills as an
alternative to watercolours in gum printing?
I note that they are (often) water soluble and they also dry water
(Well every time I spill water on inkjet prints they run).

The reason I am considering this is because they are matched CMYK sets
and a lot easier for me to source than watercolours.

Also, is anyone using the black ink for spotting silver gelatin prints?
I'm tempted to try it.

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