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RE: Carbon tissue and inkjet inks, Was: Gum and inkjet

I think it is a good idea. The pigmented inks when bought in bulk from MIS are not that expensive. On top of that they are well engineered with respect to particle size, dispersion, etc. The eboni black is a wonderful warm black and I am going to try it with gum. The CYM inks are nicely balanced for tricolor. I would stay away from the dye based inks. They are not very lightfast.

More about lightfastness.

I have just pulled a test print from my window. This was a colour print made on Epson 2200 printer on epson paper with OEM inks. It was hanging on a south facing window in Texas, lots of sun exposure. I am disspaonted to say that after two years the yellow pigment has disappeared almost entirely and I vaugely remember reading somehere that the yellow is least lightfast (maybe on MIS page). Both cyan and magents seem to be very stable.

I have also tested lightfastness of some pigments that I use for tricolor gum. I will report shortly

Marek, Houston

From:  Kees Brandenburg <ctb@zeelandnet.nl>
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Subject:  Carbon tissue and inkjet inks, Was: Gum and inkjet
Date:  Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:55:50 +0200
>Hello Sandy,
>You are right about costs of these inks, but as I have some bottles  
>of bulk ink here in my studio (also much cheaper than cartridges)
>why  not try them? Pigment particles in inkjet inks are extremely
>fine and  allready in dispersion so mixing them in is a snap. The
>advantage of  a balanced set of process colors may also be a reason
>to try this, as  Paul suggested in his original post. Actually I
>coated some sheets of  yupo this afternoon with a (normal) mixture
>of 10% gelatine, some  sugar and glycerine. I started with 10ml MIS
>Eboni black per 500ml. I  will let you know if this leads to
>On 13-sep-2006, at 15:38, Sandy King wrote:
>>>As I am working on my own carbon tissue now I have a question too.
>>>  Has anyone tried pigmentbased inkjet inks for carbon tissue?
>>>kees brandenburg
>>>middelburg netherlands
>>They would probably work fine, but at what price? Maybe 10,000  
>>times more expensive than other good alternative?
>>Sandy King