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Re: Kallis on line

Christina, Katherine,

Many thanks for taking the time to look at the Kallis and other stuff. I can understand your preference for gum-overs. But because Kallis are new in my hand, I sought feedback. Unfortunately, what appears on the web does not fully reflect the actual.

Thank you once again for your supportive comments.


On 13-Sep-06, at 6:31 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Your work is beautiful (overused word, sorry), Rajul--first of all, I like your artist statement, easy to understand and succinct. Second, in your work you have woven an element of nostalgia in well with an element of surrealism in a nice balance between sweet and odd, or soft and edgy...my faves are the ones with birds (two at top of website), the Fibres of Being which is edgy like excoriated flesh, and Interface. Of course, I am also biased to the ones where you have used gumover for color, too.


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Hello list,

I have put some Kallis on my web page at <http://www.theartark.com/iyer.html>

Feedback is welcome. TIA!!