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China blog with some alt list members at least

Good morning!

Ohhhh, itsa monday. A camping trip in the mountains this weekend to enjoy
the nice fall weather in Montana ended up in 3 inches of snow. Oh well.

This is not alt related, but for those of you wanting to avoid work for a
small period of time today, you can check out the China trip that Sam Wang
of this list organized this past May. It is Ellis Anderson's blog (no relation). I decided it
was list worthy because there are at least 4 of us on the trip from this

It was a BLAST to be on a trip with a bunch of photographers.

Also, you will notice some zone plate images I took while on the trip--it is a certain type of pinhole that gives very glowy effects. Sam makes and sells them, and they are a hoot on front of a digital camera. They are also available on Eric Renner's pinholeresource.com site.

Ellis also has a blog about Katrina--she and Joe Tomasovsky live in Bay St. Louis which was devastated. Here is that URL. www.katrinapatina.blogspot.com