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RE: Van Dyke and Kallitype

Hi David,

If VDB prints are well-toned with gold, palladium or platinum they appear to have about the same longevity as well-toned kallitypes, and well-toned kallitypes are almost as stable as well-processed Pt./Pd. prints. When you tone with the more noble metals a high percentage of the silver in a VDB or kallitype is replaced by the noble metal.


Ok Sandy,

Thanks. I see in the archives that yiu did some experimentation with longevity of toned VDB's. Did you come to any conclusons?

David H

On Sep 21 2006, Sandy King wrote:

I put Argyrotype in the same class with VDB. Untoned Argyrotypes are
probably more permanent that VDBs. However, for maximum archival
qualities there is no question but tht Argyrotypes should be toned
like VDBs and kallitypes.

Visually untoned Argyrotypes look like untoned VDBs to me so they
rate the same here. Also, like VDB there is very little, if any,
contrast control.

Process wise Argyrotype is much more paper sensitive than VDB and
kallitype. Many papers that work well with VDB and kallitype don't
work well with Argyrotype, and many that do work well are quite


Hi Sandy et al,

How would you rate the newcomer to the family, Argyrotype?

David H