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Re: Potassium Oxalate recipe

What about sodium oxalate? Is it OK as Pt or Kallitype developer?
I can get here sodium carbonate much cheaper than potassium one.

Regards from Slovenia
Stane Kocar

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John, 2 lbs of Pot Carb with 1.75 lbs to make 1 gallon of water. 1 lbs = 457
g and 1 gallon = 3.8 l ( top of my head but close enough as it is just POT

Mix you Pot Card into cool distilled water; about 1/2 your total volume.
SLOWLY add your Ox Acid as it WILL BUBBLE!!!!. Add to completion and top
off with water to make final volume.


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Hi list

Does anyone have a recipe for potassium oxalate (as a Pt/Pd dev) using
potassium carbonate and oxalic acid in metric units.




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