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Liquid Emulsion Questions

     There are a number of good books on High Contrast... High Contrast by
J.Seely and Darkroom Dynamics by Jim Stone are must have books and are about
best with some information on coating your own..... Also a book on Alt Photo
Processes by Wade  ( very expensive  out of print book but is action packed)
goes in depth on coating non paper items and exposing them... O. R . Croy
was a HC master as well as Otto Litzel  both with multiple titles on the
subject.............Creative Photo Printmaking by Therea Airey  is a good
read on Silver Printmaking and one of my favorites....
  You might find them at your local library , Ebay, or on line...
   It sounds to me like you need to build a coating table that you can use
as a shallow sink as well.... Maybe make it out of plywood and coat it with
fiberglass with a 2 1/2 inch lip around it.... You could then raise the
plywood film to a higher level  than the dam by just placing 2x4.s under
it............ You could just drain it into a 5 gallon  bucket if you do not
want to get fancy or run a flexable hose drain ....

Then there is always making vertical tray tanks out of plexiglass......

The plywood will probably float  so you may have t figure a clamp set up in

John Cremati