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Re: Liquid Emulsion Questions

Just some thoughts. Is this work to be archival or temporary? Does it have to be plywood? Plywood is going to be a tough substrate to work with unless you find some way of sealing it first. As just one example, think about how you are going to rid the print of the fixer. What happens to plywood when you bath it in water for 20 minutes to an hour? Maybe a marine grade mahogany used in boat building would work better than spruce or fir core you'd find at a home centre. Mahogany is pretty dark though. Personally, I'd probably build a big slot processor, vertical, about one foot off the ground, make it out of acrylic, make it just big enough to hold the work and so that topped up it holds less than a gallon of chemical. Build a spigot into the base for collecting and reusing the chemicals. Build a basic bottom to top circulation system using an aquarium pump and ABS pipe. Working near a floor drain would be helpful too for exiting rinse water. Sounds like fun.
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Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 1:56 AM
Subject: Liquid Emulsion Questions

Hello, I am an artist working in Oakland CA. To make a long story as short
as possible here is my dilemma:
I want to make high contrast, Liquid emulsion prints on plywood
Approximately 4'x4'
I need to set up a system in a darkroom so I can coat, expose and fix the
piece of wood in a standardized way, meaning I need to have a set-up so that
it is consistent.
With that set up, I need to find a way to not get chemistry all over the
floor. I have tried using a plastic drop cloth, but I have no way to collect
and properly dispose of the chemistry, especially the hazardous fixer.
I also need to know if I can expose the Variable contrast Black Magic
emulsion with a slide projector and a number 5 filter? I've used rockland
colloid AG-Plus before (on watercolor paper) and had decent results, but not
high enough contrast.
I Also need to know what kinds of developers, fixers, etc would work best
for this project??
I'd love to hear any and all suggestions, especially from artists who have
done this sort of thing before.
I  really appreciate your help!!!!
Philip Ringler

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