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Pablo Picasso's sculptures got x-rayed

I sent this news out to my friends but I forgot to send it to this
list, which is probably most interesting place to share this news.

French national Picasso museum in Paris started an interesting
exhibiton, where x-ray and CT scan images of Picasso's sculptures,
mostly from 1920 to 1950s, are shown. CT is a heavily post-processed
version of x-ray image, which can provide image of a slice of the
specimen rather than seeing through the entire thickness of the

The artist's website:


He seems to have used radiographic images for other things as well...
click on "expos finalisées" and then "musée rayons x" and then click on
the ">" sign to see a few.

Photographies Xavier Lucchesi

Du 20 septembre 2006 au 8 janvier 2007
Tous les jours sauf le mardi
de 9h30 à 18h00 jusqu'au 30 septembre
et de 9h30 à 17h30 à partir du 1er octobre.


You can find press release in PDF form from this link, but they don't
seem to have any image. You can see an image here: