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Re: Pablo Picasso's sculptures got x-rayed

Hmmm would Blue Cross cover some x-rays for my portfolio?

My daughter once had a CAT scan of her brain done...then she got a copy of it and made a T-Shirt from it.  hehehehehe (like Father/Like Daughter)

PDN-X? heheheh glad that wasn't PDN-REX!

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In a message dated 9/25/06 12:32:08 PM, rs@silvergrain.org writes:

If you need relatively low res image of objects made from light
materials, the exposure you need is probably comparable to a single
exposure of chest x-ray image. Using fluorescent screen, you can use a
green-sensitized x-ray film and D-19 type developer. If the object is
made from hard stuff, or if you want more crisp image without using
screen, you'll need a lot more exposure. X-ray imaging through bones,
for example, will require more dose of radiation than chest x-ray.