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I get similar results as Joe.
I described my VDB selenium toning procedure a year ago:
Here is the excerpt from my post (updated a little bit):
I can report about my succesful toning VDB with selenium toner (KRST)
BEFORE! fixing.

The trick is to use very dilute toner (Christian Nze said in one of his
posts 1:200). I use 1,5 ml ready made toner (1+19!!!) to 200 ml water. Soon
picture begins to change it's color from yellow-orange brown to more dark
chestnut brown. Then I stop toning (usually between 3-5 min). If the
concentration is bigger, you will get serious bleaching of the image and unpleasant yellow-brown color. I use
toner one-shot.
After a minute or two of washing I fix for 2 minutes in 5 % hypo following
with final wash for 1 hour. In hypo picure bleaches a little, but after
drying this loss of density is back, and the color changes again to lovely
chestnut brown.
Contrast and D-max rises a little (sorry I have no densitometer to
You may tone the prints with gold toner after selenium (never gold and then selenium - you will get ugly staining) before or after fixing. This cools image even further to almost neutral color and increases contrast a bit (bleaches the highlights a bit and deepens the back).

You may compare some of my untoned prints on
with KRST and/or gold toned ones on http://www.permadocument.be/texte/Z/ZSK.html
(only picture no. 7 is straight untoned VDB): Colors on my monitor is quite accurate on mountain views but not on rock details, which are too heavy.
Regards from Slovenia
Stane Kočar
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Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 6:46 AM
Subject: RE: Selenium-toning Van Dyke Brown prints

Yes it looks like what I get (even if Joe's trials were made on ecru paper - mine were done on white paper). My highlights were consisting of yellow tones while shadows brown / cool brown tones...
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From: david drake [mailto:daviddrakephoto@sympatico.ca]
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I've also been experimenting with different toners and VDB printing. KRST was next on the list. It was on Joe Smigeil toning tests that I first came across the idea and was taken with the colour he was getting:

He tones at 1+500 which might make a difference. Also, the jpg colour is obviously not accurate. 
Loris and Camden, do Joe's tests come anywhere near your experiences?

david drake

On 25-Sep-06, at 3:22 PM, Loris Medici wrote:

Camden, add me to the list... I absolutely didn't like the (yellowish) color
I got from Selenium toned (1:200) Vandykes. I prefer better the original
unaltered color OR the color I get after gold/thiourea toning.


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From: Camden Hardy [mailto:camden@hardyphotography.net] 
Sent: 25 Eylül 2006 Pazartesi 18:42
Subject: Re: Selenium-toning Van Dyke Brown prints


I've toned VDBs in Kodak's Selenium before, and I was actually quite
disappointed.  I guess I just prefer the untoned colors for my VDB prints.

Camden Hardy


On Mon, September 25, 2006 9:06 am, Jordan Wosnick wrote:

Hi everyone,

I would be interested in hearing from people who selenium-tone their 
VDB prints.

I was prepared to be disappointed when I tried it (based on Wynn 
White's article on Unblinkingeye and posts on APUG) but was actually 
quite pleased. I used a tiny amount of Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner 
(literally a few drops in a tray of water) and toned after fixing. The 
colour change began almost immediately and eliminated the somewhat 
sickly reddish-brown of the VDB, pushing it much closer to a warm 

Based on what I had read, I was expecting a huge amount of image 
reduction, but I didn't see much at all.

Anyone else tone their VDBs in KRST?




Jordan Wosnick

david drake photography

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