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Re: Gum Humidity Question


I'm truely sorry your wife was diagnosed with cancer.  I can only imagine
how difficult it has been for both of you.

However, I will not apologize for my joke.  It had innocent (and very
silly) intentions, and was by absolutely no stretch of the imagination a
cheap shot at people with cancer.

Now, as far as insensitivity goes, I'm going to gently disagree with you
there.  If you want to judge me based on a few emails, where tone and
intention are misinterpreted over half the time, that's your business.

Ironically, I think Katherine was one of the few that actually got the
joke, and she took it very well...much better than a few others.  I won't
go into the details of the 6 or so hateful emails I got from other list
members last night.

Thank you, Katherine, for taking my post as it was, and not warping into
something it wasn't.

Camden Hardy


On Thu, September 28, 2006 2:31 am, davidhatton@totalise.co.uk wrote:
> Camden,
> You know very well that humour is always welcome on  this list. However,
> some things just aren't funny and I suppose that  one needs a certain
> maturity to understand that.
> My wife was  diagnosed with Cancer last year and we have been living in
> its shadow ever  since; So please stop offering flippant apology and start
> thinking  about the lack of sensitivity that you  show.
> Regards,
> DavidH
> On Sep 28 2006, Camden Hardy wrote:
>> I do wish you would grow up!
> Never! I enjoy  life too much to "grow up".
> I apologize for letting my  sense of humor run the keyboard on that post.
> Apparently humor is not  appreciated on this list.
> Camden Hardy
> camden[at]hardyphotography[dot]net
> http://www.hardyphotography.net