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Re: dig negs & gum variables & speaking of "urea"

Mea culpa...

I said, "The paper works fine but I learned a couple things: paper tray sized with
gelatin will sink to the bottom, not float as does brush sized paper (except
Arches) so if I am going to leave the paper soaking for a while it needs to
be face up....".

So I should amend the above statement to paper "CAN" sink to the bottom. No declaration, Judy--just observation.

This time it was Fabriano Uno (using up old stuff) and I just assume it happened because the paper absorbed lots of gelatin when tray sized vs. brush sized where it sits on top more, so it was heavier.

Maybe you never left the paper developing for a long time? Maybe you used different paper? Maybe I use a heavier gelatin solution? AHHHH I bet I know what it is--you guys don't develop a group of prints in the bathtub like I do. And then leave and go somewhere in the meantime...Maybe, maybe....My "studio" is my bathroom.

I bet it is that culprit GLUT again!!! Both my Arches that sunk in SC and my Uno that sunk here were sized with glut tho the Arches was brush sized. But Fabriano Artistico never sinks for me (yet) tho I have not tray sized it either.

For the record, some did not sink, some floated. An occasional one sunk. Would I make a warning about the possibility of sinkers? You bet. When you come into the bathroom and see your nice gum print lying face down at the bottom of the bathtub it is kind of disconcerting...

Speaking of which: CHRIS: You have declared that vat-sized paper sinks ! Unh, unh ! Maybe in YOUR studio, but not in mine. In fact I don't think I EVER saw a gum print sink in the wash (my paper & my students' paper having been generally vat-sized).
I gotta agree with Judy; when I used to tub-size paper, it never sank. It was Arches, too. I've never seen a sheet of Arches sink, either tub-sized, brush-sized, or unsized, and I've printed hundreds and hundreds of sheets of the stuff. I won't say that I've never seen a gum print sink in the wash; I have, but that was Japanese paper.