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Re: brush vs tray size for gum

When I first read about this puddle pusher I tried to see what exactly it was, but I couldnīt find any good picture. Then, after reading a lot of e-mails from you folks I thought it was a glass bar that could roll in an axis, that could carry the puddle without grinding against the paper. Well, actually itīs not :-( . Then I created a device that resembles a painting roll, but instead of foam is made of glass. I took a glass pipe, the kind used in laboratories (I donīt know the name in english, itīs tubo de ensaio in portuguese), cut off the end, making it a tube, and managed to center an iron round bar in it. With it I can roll the glass smoothly, like if I was pulling and pushing it around, but with more control than if it was loose. If there is interest I can photograph it and show.
Rodolpho Pajuaba

Sandy King escreveu:


That is correct. I am rolling the rod, not pushing it.


At 3:03 PM -0400 10/3/06, Jack Brubaker wrote:


So you are rolling the rod not pushing it along. As I recall the
illustrations I've seen for "puddle pushers" had handles so would not roll.
I would have thought that the rolling motion would pull up the gelatin
behind the rod. But apparently not. Thanks for the info.