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PS. Re: dig negs (Burkholder)

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Judy Seigel wrote:

{And Chris, I mention in passing, that if you want to run a who-develops-the-longest contest, a propos of how & why the paper sinks -- my NORMAL development used to be overnight: It worked while I slept. Then, often as not I had to rush off in the morning so it sat the rest of the day, too. All that requires is enough exposure....In fact I'm in awe of folks whose regular development is 10 minutes. That to me is a real high-wire act -- VERY little margin for error! I don't in fact think I've ever done it, because if I felt I had to pull at 10 minutes, the thing was underexposed and ran like crazy or underdeveloped and almost uninflected.
But I should probably add that development is quite different with digital negatives, at least that's my experience. It is more of an on-off thing... but I think we've ALSO had this discussion before...