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Re: Non-nasal identification of 'off' gum arabic solution


I really liked your tea tree idea! Just a little step towards 'green' gumprinting if it works. Skipping di-chromates and formaldehydes would be something different though.

Do you use watercolors or raw pigments? Watercolor tube paints have usually rather good preservatives in them. Just premixing your colors with a fresh gumsolution will make this 'colored' gum last much much longer. And keeping gumsolutions and mixed colors in the fridge helps a lot too.


On 5-okt-06, at 6:57, Arcus, Paul wrote:

As I indicated in the initial post I simply cannot source any of the
other biocides you refer to.
I gain no satisfaction from reinventing wheels and I'm merely trying to
use what is available to me.

If you can identify a source of thymol in Australia that can freight
small amounts to far north Queensland (FNQ) then please let me know.

Similarly if you know of a supplier of Dimezone-S that will deliver a
small quantity (100g or so) to FNQ; or somewhere in FNQ that stocks
sulphuric acid in amounts less than 5L, or somebody who will ship
Formalin to FNQ (apparently now banned), or even a supplier of sheet
film in FNQ, or how about a tiny amount of hydrofluoric acid for glass
etching (banned in Australia), or ...