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Hans & Chia,
SF doesn't have the gallery strength of New York, but there is usually enough work around to keep one interested. Since I live here I tend to track many of the galleries dealing with contemporary and alt photography. Below is my short list places to start. There are two buildings next door to each other on Geary Street (49 & 77 Geary) which have several floors of galleries -- many of them having alt and contemporary photography exhibitions. I like to start at the top of each of them and go to all the galleries, not just those exhibiting photography, but I tend to focus on them. Most are closed on Mondays.
I'm game for a beer during your stay. Just let me know. BTW, I'm assuming you are aware that you will be arriving to San Francisco on Halloween! This city gets a bit wild on Halloween. The gay bars in the Castro, Mission, or SOMA Districts will be the most fun and worth a visit. You'll see a lot if interesting scenes that you are unlikely to see anywhere else--including low brow and high brow performance artists, kinetic sculptures, world-class drag queens, and more bare asses in one day then you have likely seen in your lifetime :-)
De Young Museum
Newly re-installed photography collections - top notch historic photography
Mexico as Muse: Tina Modotti and Edward Weston (Platinum work)
Imposing Order : Contemporary Photography and the Archive
Picturing Modernity: The Photography Collection

SF Camerawork  657 Mission Street
Ghosts in the Machine (Couple of alt process photographers)

John Berggruen Gallery: 228 Grant, T:  415.781.4629
Seydou Keita - Portraits
Fraenkel Gallery: 49 Geary, 4th Floor, T: 415.981.2661
Eye of the Beholder: Richard Avedon Collection
Note: A number of historical images including one of my all time favorites, "La Comtesse de Castigilona by Pierre-Louis Person
Haines Gallery: 49 Geary, 5th Floor, T: 415.397.8114
Binh Danh - Ancestral Altars
Robert Koch Gallery: 49 Geary, 5th Floor, T: 415.421.0122
David Parker- Seascapes (B&W large prints toned to look like Albumen prints)
Scott Nichols Gallery: 49 Geary, 4th Floor, T: 415.788.4641
Ansel Adams & Scott Church
Don Soker Gallery: 49 Geary, 4th Floor, T: 415.291.0966
TETSUYA NODA - Photo silkscreens (very interesting work)
Patricia Sweetow Gallery: 49 Geary, 4th Floor, T: 415.788.5126
DAVID HUFFMAN - PYRAMID DREAMS (Not actually photo show right now, but his work is amazing)
Stephen Wirtz Gallery: 49 Geary, 3rd Floor, T: 415.6879
MELANIE PULLEN - High Fashion Crime Scenes (Very interesting work)
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Hello all

We are going to SFO on the 31st of October and stay there until 12th of November.

We have never been in that part of US before.

We would appreciate any suggestions for exhibitions, galleries, art shops or whatever worth visiting.
Coffee, tea, wine or beer anyone?

Please answer offlist

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