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Re: Ink color for digital negs

Katherine, Loris,

What type of paper would be useful for paper negatives using inkjet printers? Loris, how did the Istanbul week go? I'm green with envy!!

David H 


On Oct 11 2006, Katharine Thayer wrote:

Loris, I think that's interesting about the paper negatives, since
I've been thinking about paper negatives today. I used paper
negatives for several years, after my old Photo Stylus EX got so it
wouldn't make a decent negative on transparencies, but I've been
using film since I bought a 1280 last winter. But I just came across
a monochrome print I made a year ago from a paper negative, of a
scene that I'm now printing in color from inkjet transparencies, and
I realized that I like the print made with the paper negative ever so
much better. There's something indefinable, some smoothness or
creaminess of the tonal transitions and of the edges, that I just
prefer. So maybe I'll be going back to paper too.

Also, I'm delighted that someone is experimenting with yupo. I
thought it had promise but have never had the time to perfect its
performance for me. I look forward to seeing your prints. Not sure
I understand the FPG and FEB designations; these are different
versions of the product?

On Oct 9, 2006, at 7:11 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

> We used paper negatives in Keith's gum workshop (Istanbul) and I was
> surprised with the fine results we got (black ink only). I'm
> inclined to use
paper negatives for future gum works. I guess I > won't need the
which ultra low dot gain > transparency media provides since I will
print "a
la Keith" > (= big, around A3 - A3+).

I'm currently making trials on > dimensionally stable and ultra fast
Yupo paper. The > results are promising. I first coat Yupo with Daler
> System 3 Gesso (acrylic base AFAIK, quite matte and porous finish,
> I do two
coats) then I coat it with 3-4% gelatine (two coats). The > whole
takes 10 minutes (I dry the paper with > hairdryer). This way gum can
stay on
surface (if I don't do > this surface preparation, gum will simply
leave the
paper in > pieces no matter how much I expose).

Will start to calibrate > soon. Keith is a little bit skeptical about
since his > negative making workflow is quite different from ours
(35mm > film
recorder -> enlarged negatives on lith film in darkroom) but I >
think we can
get better prints when compared to uncurved > negatives.

More later (soon I hope - I just can't wait to > share my first
multicolor gum prints with you > folks!)

Best regards,

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.. On the other hand when > printing negatives for gum I use "print
black ink
only" > option. Chris has pointed me that way. Actually for gum I use
> cheap
transparency and with black ink only there is little problem > with
marks and drying ...