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RE: Ink color for digital negs

I just wanted to emphasize that my curve skepticism is only with regard to
my work, where the curves would likely be lost in the enlarging process -
which is unfortunately far less in my control.  However, I will be anxiously
awaiting the results of Loris' curve experimentation and I am grateful he is
stepping up to do the work!

I admit that I have not used paper negatives in several years.  I forgot how
good they can be.  If curves could be used to achieve better highlight
detail, that might be the way to go.


PS - Loris, maybe you can ask Ayse if we can display an online picture of
her fishing boat?  It's pretty good for a first gum attempt!

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From: Loris Medici [mailto:mail@loris.medici.name]
Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 7:12 AM
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Subject: RE: Ink color for digital negs

We used paper negatives in Keith's gum workshop (Istanbul) and I was
surprised with the fine results we got (black ink only). I'm inclined to use
paper negatives for future gum works. I guess I won't need the sharpness
which ultra low dot gain transparency media provides since I will print "a
la Keith" (= big, around A3 - A3+).

I'm currently making trials on dimensionally stable and ultra fast drying
Yupo paper. The results are promising. I first coat Yupo with Daler Rowney
System 3 Gesso (acrylic base AFAIK, quite matte and porous finish, I do two
coats) then I coat it with 3-4% gelatine (two coats). The whole operation
takes 10 minutes (I dry the paper with hairdryer). This way gum can stay on
surface (if I don't do this surface preparation, gum will simply leave the
paper in pieces no matter how much I expose).

Will start to calibrate soon. Keith is a little bit skeptical about curves
since his negative making workflow is quite different from ours (35mm film
recorder -> enlarged negatives on lith film in darkroom) but I think we can
get better prints when compared to uncurved negatives.

More later (soon I hope - I just can't wait to share my first succesfull
multicolor gum prints with you folks!)

Best regards,


From: Marek Matusz [mailto:marekmatusz@hotmail.com]
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Subject: Re: Ink color for digital negs

... On the other hand when printing negatives for gum I use "print black ink
only" option. Chris has pointed me that way. Actually for gum I use cheap
transparency and with black ink only there is little problem with printer
marks and drying ...