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what paper negatives ?

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, Keith Gerling wrote:
I admit that I have not used paper negatives in several years.  I forgot how
good they can be.  If curves could be used to achieve better highlight
detail, that might be the way to go.
We used paper negatives in Keith's gum workshop (Istanbul) and I was
surprised with the fine results we got (black ink only). I'm inclined to use
paper negatives for future gum works. I guess I won't need the sharpness
which ultra low dot gain transparency media provides since I will print "a
la Keith" (= big, around A3 - A3+).
It isn't entirely clear (at least to me) what means "paper negative" here. I surmise you mean a negative printed on opaque paper, rather than transparent film such as pictorico -- but still printed by inkjet, rather than what used tp be a "paper negative," meaning a negative print on silver gelatin photo paper....?

Then the paper that's been printed digitally is waxed or oiled? Or not? And, if you please, which paper ????

As for the cost of the black ink to print the negative, the 3rd party ink cartridges I use cost from $4 each (plus shipping) for my printer to somewhat more for some other printers... & as a wild guess one cartridge would print oh, 30? or maybe 40?, A3 negs, so the cost per neg would be negligible... (But OK, A3 is not a dimension I'm used to thinking in -- I could be way off.)