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RE: what paper negatives ?


It isn't entirely clear (at least to me) what means "paper negative" here. 
I surmise you mean a negative printed on opaque paper, rather than 
transparent film such as pictorico -- but still printed by inkjet, rather 
than what used tp be a "paper negative," meaning a negative print on 
silver gelatin photo paper....?

Then the paper that's been printed digitally is waxed or oiled?  Or 
not? And, if you please, which paper ????

Recently on another internet photo forum a user posted a link to a scan of a
cyanotype print printed with an oiled paper negative. The paper negative was
printed on an inkjet printer and the paper was glossy inkjet paper. I was
very impressed with their results.

Also on a similar note another user reported that he is using inkjet paper
to make inkjet negatives for make contact prints on factory made silver
gelatin paper. I was a bit skeptical of the users claims of making virtually
grain less prints (grain less in this context meaning that the grain of the
paper negative wasn't seen in the final print). He kindly sent me a sample
print made from the digital paper negative and his claims were not
exaggerated. His results were quite nice. Just for the record, he uses an
inexpensive (though high quality) house brand glossy inkjet paper purchased
at Costco. The paper is made in Switzerland and sells for $18.95 for a 125
sheet box. Unfortuantely, the paper is limited to standard letter size (8.5
x 11 inches ).

FWIW, both individuals used a process adjustment curve.

Don Bryant