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Re: what paper negatives ?

Don, I get a file not found error for that page, but if you mean photo quality inkjet paper, that's the paper I used for years. When I was talking about glossy coatings not taking oil or wax well, I meant the real glossy photo paper type coatings, not the more matte photo quality inkjet paper, which does take oil very well.


On Oct 13, 2006, at 9:36 AM, Don Bryant wrote:

Katherine and Keith,

I'll add that IME,  glossy coatings on photo papers (at least those
available in the late 90s) didn't take either wax or oil well.

You maybe interested in looking at this example of oiled paper negatives
made on Epson inkjet paper.

http://home.versateladsl.be/vt6100419/AltPhot/foto/landschap/ ProvBlues/miel.

Don Bryant