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Re: OT question and Hello

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Could you point us to a web site with examples similar to what you'd like to achieve, just so we are on the same page image-wise? Thanks.

It's not clear if you want to get this anamorphic look in-camera or if you're willing to play in Photoshop a bit. Hunt Witherill has done some stunning floral work in which he has "bent" the image structure using the Polar Coordinates filter (Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates). You can see some examples at the following:


If you are using CS2, there are also some new warping tools found in the Edit>Transform>Warp menu. Lots of fun and a great opportunity to waste time. ;^)

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Saffron Branfoot wrote on 10/15/06, 3:05 AM:

I would like to make some images of my partner going about his work, so will use MF, and would like to achieve for some of them an 'anamorphic' look that I have seen elsewhere. It is not just that the image is out of focus, but that it takes on a strange shape. I nearly achieves this in one image where he was walking away and was in the background of a shot. Is this the way it is done, can anyone tell me? I would like to have a fairly extreme example of this - a suggested shape in the landscape to counter balance the more prosaic shots I already have - I would be so grateful for any advice.