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Re: Potentially stupid pt/pd question

Rinsing the print may be your problem. If your water is above pH neutral (>7.0), the rinse itself can lock the ferric oxalate into the paper fibers. I would put the print straight into the first clearing bath, which should ideally be something acidic - say 1-2% citric acid or HCl. Stain is caused by the unused ferric not being removed, not by the developer. In fact, one trick is to let it soak in the developer for 5 minutes or so before you move it to the first clearing bath. Your developer will eventually load up with ferric, but it is effective as long as the pH of the developer is around 6.0 or so.

On Oct 16, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Camden Hardy wrote:

So I'm looking at this test print again, and just noticed something. The
stain wasn't caused by the emulsion. It was caused by the potassium

Any recommendations on getting all the developer out, or will I have to
use it one-shot? I rinsed the print before putting it in the
clear...should I just rinse it longer?

Camden Hardy