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Re: ferri sesquichlorati

Thank you, Neil!  Yes, this is in a book from 1900, so it is
an old term.  It is a gum process wherein you include this
in the gum mix!  I was going to give it a go.  But I guess I
don't have ferric chloride so it'll have to wait.  I do have
lots of FAC.

Sometimes it is such a pain figuring out how to translate
old chemistry terms.  

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>I think it's the same stuff as in Towler's "The Silver
>Sunbeam," 1864, as sesquichloride of iron, aka ferric
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>> Help!  Chemists, what is this "ferri sesquichlorati"? 
>> Ferric ammonium citrate?  Ferric oxalate?  Potassium
>ferricyanide??? I think it is a German
>> word??
>> Chris

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