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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum

If you have Photoshop - and I assume you have ;-) - you can choose between many templates under File>Automate>Web Photo Gallery . Thatīs how I did the page of my glass rod. Fast and easy, and some of the templates are not so ugly.
Rodolpho Pajuaba

Christina Z. Anderson escreveu:

Thanks, both Catherine and Carmen, for thanking me.

That part of the website is not very user friendly, I have been told, and I apologize, but at least the visuals are informative. I think I really need to have a page where all the thumbnails are on one page that you can click on individually and enlarge, so you don't have to scroll, etc. My next life as a web designer.

But the neat thing is that it makes all the little tests I do worthwhile when I can stick them up somewhere!