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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum

Now, I have lost the original post, where is the bitmap command in photoshop?
It will be grat to meet you next weekend at Clays
Goody, Marek! But you know what; I met you at the very first or second APIS I went to, I think--you had...was it...polaroid transfers on the display table back then?? But that was back in 1999...and who knows, I could be confusing you with someone else.

Clay, roast pig--I'm there, but forget the vegetarian part. I'm living with 2 vegans at the moment and I always tell them, I'd be a vegan except for the fact that meat is so damn tasty....

Marek, Image>Mode>Bitmap>360ppi input/360ppi output. However, your image must be in greyscale to access the bitmap.

Now I REALLY need to get off this computer and get some gums done.
PS my 2 yr old grandson "gum pints with gamma kissie." I even have a fingerprint of his in one of my prints to prove it :)