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Re: Darkening a Darkroom


Be very carefull with black plastic - its often not opaque

You may be interested in 

Black Out Static Vinyl 36x48" Roll

They say it can be put on a window and taken off repeatedly. 

from Porters

(this link won't work if it split into more than one line)

A less expensive solutions - thick cardboard and duct tape.

or - use blackout fabric from a fabric store - this is a heavy opaque fabric 
used to line drapery to make it opaque.  Might be able to use velco to stick 
it in place.


On Friday 20 October 2006 5:02 pm, Bill King wrote:
> After lurking on this list for a long time, I'm finally forging ahead to
> make my own prints.  So that I can get started, I am converting my laundry
> room into a multipurpose laundry room/darkroom for alt-processes.  For
> those of you who aren't able to dedicate a room full-time to alt-processes,
> what techniques have you used to make the room dark?  Are there
> particularly good materials for blocking light (possibly black garden
> plastic)?  Have you come up with clever ways of attaching these materials
> so that they could be taken down (or at least be unobtrusive) when needed? 
> I have a small window (which can remain blacked out) and a door (which
> needs to be functional for laundry too) to worry about.
> Thanks so much,
> Bill

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