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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum


I use the same method and it works very well.  I usually use a setting for amount of between 8 and 12, but  it depends on the image and the image size & resolution. 

I also set it to Monochromatic and use Uniform.

Filter>Noise>Add Noise

Oddly enough though, I like this method because it doesn't produce grain in the deeper shadows and blacks—it looks more natural to me.

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In a message dated 10/21/06 12:48:53 PM, Keith@GumPhoto.com writes:

For what it is worth, here is a method to add noise that (I feel) comes closer to duplicating grain in a silver neg:


1) Add a New Layer

2) Fill it with 50% Gray

3) Adjust the Noise or Film Grain filters until the degree of grain is achieved.

4) Change the layer Mode to Soft Light


The result is more grain in the shadows than in the highlights.