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Re: ferri sesquichlorati

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Subject: Re: ferri sesquichlorati

> Have seen a brief descriptions of ferric used as a crosslinker for
> holography with PVA.. But have yet to chase down the references..

Metal-ion-doped polymer systems for real-time holographic recording, Roger
A. Lessard, Rupak Changkakoti, Gurusamy Manivannan Publication: Proc. SPIE
Vol. 1559, p. 438-448, Photopolymer Device Physics, Chemistry, and
Applications II; Roger A. Lessard; Ed. Publication
Date: Dec 1991

Cr(VI) and Fe(III) doped polymer systems as real-time holographic recording
materials, Gurusamy Manivannan, Rupak Changkakoti, Roger A. Lessard
Publication: Proc. SPIE Vol. 1622, p. 25-29, Emerging Optoelectronic
Technologies; Krishna Shenai, Ananth Selvarajan, C. K. Patel, C. N. Rao, B.
S. Sonde, Vijai K. Tripathi; Eds. Publication
Date: Dec 1992

At the recording wavelength - 488nm, I believe - speed of Fe(III) doped PVA
was said to be approximately thirty times lower than for dichromated PVA.
They did real-time recordings (no liquid processing) though...