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Re: ferri sesquichlorati

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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: ferri sesquichlorati

> ...off to the library :-)

> Sounds right FEPVA or fe doped pva is what I remember.

> Think I saw this in one "processes in photoreactive polymers" but
> explanation was a bit short and not too clear.

> But yes, the most impressive part of ferric chloride is its low

> (don't think 488 nm would be the optimum for ferric really, have done some
> spectral scanning of AFC and FO and don't think there was much absorbency
> least, in that area, but I am not too familiar with the needs of
> I assume they have a reason for using 488. Let me guess, the laser/light
> source emits at 488 nm ?)

Exactly. Among the many lines available from an Ar laser 488 and 514 nm are