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Re: How many gum layers (Re: ferri sesquichlorati)

While I understand the method of printing shadows and printing highlights seperately,  to some degree, I would guess that this was done because the density range of most negatives far exceeded the shorter exposure scale of gum.  I would think that might be revisited, since the density range and exposure scale can be matched easily now.

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Then there's a school of thought that says you should make a contact 
negative that brings the tonal scale of the original negative down to 
the short range of gum,  but that's never made sense to me  because 
you lose so much of the subtlety when you do that; I prefer to print 
all the tones in the original negative.  So far, the only way I've 
ever seen to get subtle  tonal gradation throughout a long tonal 
scale (with the one exception of Marek's back-printed flowers) is 
multiple printing, as described above.