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automatic curve generation--it does work

A while back I posted a link to an APUG entry which claimed to generate curves for alt processes. Unfortunately, it worked only for CS2, which I don't have. Anyway, the idea was so attractive that I downloaded the 30 free trial of CS2 and installed the script.
Didn't work.
I wrote the author, Kevin Bjorke who responded kindly and quickly. After a few trials, he sent me a version which works like a charm. It gives me curves which produce great images for both VDB and Cyano--the only two processes I'm doing right now.
It is free and easy to use. If you have CS2 you owe it to yourself to try it.
If you don't have CS2--wait till you know you're going to have some free time and download the free trial so you can use it. You can save the generated curves for your earlier version.
I have no relationship with Mr. Bjorke except as mentioned in this email.

Charles Portland OR