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Re: question about gum curves

Hi Charles,
Interesting that you should ask this question: I have calculated the curve for a blue red/magenta and a really bright orange red, and the curves are different. However, when I curve my individual negatives I always use the magenta one because more often than not, I am leaning toward a blue red and not a brick red, and then if I have to use a different red with the same negative, I expose longer. What I would find is that the brick red would take longer to expose and flakes more. But the comparison I did, to see if the reds required drastically different curves, was with a really bright orangey red that I would rarely use in practice anyway.
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Do you folks who curve each gum color individually find that a curve for one red is pretty much the same as for another red? Or do you need to make individual curves for each pigment? And, what about paper--do you need different curves for one pigment depending on which paper you use?
Thanks in advance.
Charles Portland OR