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Re: Exacto Blade Not Clearing?

If there's anything that would be the chemical reaction between the
blade and sensitizer, or multiple light scattering under the blade.

If you do "sham exposure" that is to place the blade on sensitized paper
for 8 minutes WITHOUT any exposure and then process, you'll know.

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:09:13 -0500, "Michael Koch-Schulte"
<mkochsch@shaw.ca> said:
> I set up what I thought might be a test of how well my prints were
> clearing
> I included an opaque object at the edge of a test print -- an exacto
> blade
> to be more precise. Strangely, the dense parts of my stepwedge cleared
> fine
> but the exacto blade left a fair amount of stain behind -- like a 5 per
> cent
> grey. So the question is, why? This was a VDB print shot for 8 minutes on
> flourescent tubes. Like I said the dense areas of my stepwedge are paper
> white. Does metal pick up and emit UV from within? Second question,
> what's
> the best method for determining if a VDB has been cleared properly? Thx.
> ~m