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RE: Third party inks for negative printing


> Don, Here is one answer for your survey : ) The Cone Peizography Ink set
> works on the Photo Warehouse material; their ultra clear film.

I assume you are referring to the K7 ink set and that is interesting to
note. However I'm hoping to find a non OEM pigmented color ink set that
would work properly on Pictorico and work as good as or almost as good as
the Epson OEM inks, and of course be less expensive. If a color ink set
worked on the Photo Warehouse product that would be a plus, but I'm not
holding my breath. 

Also I believe the Piezo inks are quite a bit more expensive than the Epson
inks. Of course a CIS setup would reduce expenses, is that what you use?

My past experience of using MIS CIS setups with the 1160 did not make me
happy. Lots of incessant problems with clogs, ink carts dripping and so on.
I tried all the tips and tricks and never got continuous reliable results
with them for making inkjet prints. When they worked they worked
beautifully, but less than 20% of the time as I recall. Once I converted the
printer back to Epson color inks all of my problems disappeared. Oh well,
live and learn.

I've been quite impressed with the K7 inks when used for making inkjet
prints, they are quite beautiful when used with the new Hahnemuhle Museum
matt paper. A local ink jet atelier ( Dean Imaging -
http://deanimaging.com/index.php ) uses them on their 7600. Beautiful work.
Anyone in the Atlanta area that needs custom inkjet work should give them a
try. Very reasonable prices and good service.

What process(es) are you using the Cone inks for? And how are you developing
your adjustment curves (I am making an assumption that you are using a
process adjustment curve.)


Don Bryant