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Re: gum curves

On Oct 28, 2006, at 1:46 PM, Kees Brandenburg wrote:

Kees, you sounded knowledgeable about ChartThrob; have you generated gum curves from ChartThrob?

Unfortunately not yet, I'm still using photoshop CS and it's only working with CS2. But it has a lot of potential I think. There is some discussion on the hybrydphoto.com forum about Charthrob. Keith Tayler who prints great fullcolor gumprints did some tests and reported about that.
What a disappointment. ;--(. I assumed you meant Keith Taylor had tested it with gum, and raced over there to see what he had to say, but it's palladium he reports on.

But I agree about the potential, whether for gum or no I can't say, but I applaud the intellect that produced it and the generosity that offered it freely to the world.

Did you also test this?
Originally Posted by Bjorke on hybridphoto.com:

"A good way to test the result (I can't believe I didn't put this in the instruction webpage, DUH!) is to take the original uncorrected chart, apply the generated curve to it, and print again. If things are working properly, then you should get a full range from the new curve-corrected chart."
I just saw that just now, and will try it tomorrow.  Thanks,